Simple, aerobic organisms (such as mildews, molds, mushrooms, smuts, toadstools, and yeast) which (1) unlike bacteria can grow in low moisture and low pH environments, and have their genetic material bound in a membrane, (2) unlike plants do not have roots or leaves, do not contain chlorophyll, and do not produce their own food, but obtain nourishment from dead organic matter. Out of about 70,000 species of fungi some are edible but most are poisonous to humans. Their principal commercial uses include manufacture of food and alcoholic beverages, and antibiotics such as penicillin.
Plural of fungus.

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  • After a very heavy rain in my neighborhood, the yards were filled with fungi and other forms of toadstools and mushrooms the next day.

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  • They have a lot of fungi growing on decaying plants and trees in the forest because it is dark and damp.

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  • He is a gourmet and has used truffles in many of his famous recipes, but he did not know that truffles are fungi that grow underground.

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