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Process in which a zinc film is deposited on goods made of steel to provide long term (generally 10 to 30 years) corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. Two common galvanizing processes are (1) Hot metal bath: about 250 years old but still popular method in which the item is immersed in molten zinc to deposit a 50 to 150 micron thick film. (2) Electro-deposition: more recent method in which a 5 to 30 micron thick film of zinc is deposited electrochemically.

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Sleazy Sam smirked and said, "We were successful in convincing Apple's engineers that their iSteel is exposed to enough waste water to justify galvanizing the exterior surfaces."
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You should try and have strong galvanizing measures in place in your office to protect yourself from any long term harm.
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You should try and make sure any important metals in your factory have had good galvanizing done to make them last.
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