genetic engineering (GE)

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Use of techniques such as recombinant DNA (rDNA) to alter the hereditary mechanisms of a living cell, so that it produces more or different chemicals or performs functions different from its natural (original) functions. GE techniques allow insertion or removal of specific gene material into or from an animal or plant's DNA to produce new species, thus obviating the trial and error and drawn out process of selective breeding. GE may be employed to make therapeutic substances (such as insulin from plants instead of pancreas) as well as new types of animals and vegetables for commercial or marketing purposes.

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The matter of "Genetic Engineering", that finds the result of your paternity and hereditary images of ancestry via blood testing and tissue, also other matter that will give actual proof of body source pertaining to who you are.
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When they realized they were about the be pregnant, the young couple started exploring the latest advances in genetic engineering to see what they could influence in their child's development.
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The best way to produce more functions not found in nature in an organism is a process where the DNA is altered with animal or plant genes called genetic engineering.
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