Gini index



Standard economic measure of income inequality, based on Lorenz Curve. A society that scores 0.0 on the Gini scale has perfect equality in income distribution. Higher the number over 0 higher the inequality, and the score of 1.0 (or 100) indicates total inequality where only one person corners all the income. It is used also as a measure of other distributional inequalities such as market share. Named after its inventor, the Italian statistician Corrado Gini (1884-1965). Also called Gini coefficient or index of concentration.

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  • I wondered how we ranked on the gini index, because I knew that it was very important and would determine a lot of future choices.

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  • You should try to break down the gini index to find out where the people with the most money live in your city.

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  • Based on its high Gini Index score, economists have determined that the United Arab Emirates has a largely unequal distribution of income among its citizens.

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