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Steepness of a slope (incline or decline), commonly measured in one of the three ways: (1) The angle (called the 'slope angle') the line, path, or surface makes with the ground or horizontal (called 'grade line') expressed in degrees or grads. For example, a 5 degree gradient. (2) Ratio of the vertical distance to the actual distance along the slope (that is, sine of the slope angle). For example, a gradient of 1 in 4 means a vertical distance of 1 unit for 4 units along the slope, expressed as 1/4 grade or 25 percent grade. (3) Ratio of the vertical distance (elevation) to the horizontal distance (that is, tangent of the slope angle).

Use 'gradient' in a Sentence

The gradient of the hill was to steep for the delivery truck to go down it so the deliver man had to climb out of his truck and walk the package to the front door.
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By the time the climbers reached the crest of the hill, they were pretty worn out, as neither person took into account the gradient of the slope.
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Tim never appreciated the gradient signs next to the road until he got his job driving a truck and learned how dangerous going up and down steep hill can be.
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