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1. Law: (1) Injury, injustice, or wrong that affords reason for resistance or a formal expression as a complaint. (2) The complaint itself.
2. HR: Specific complaint or formal notice of employee dissatisfaction related to adequacy of pay, job requirements, work conditions, other aspects of employment, or an alleged violation of a collective bargaining agreement.

Use 'grievance' in a Sentence

A strong majority of the employees with MellaBakers Inc felt negatively towards the changes in overtime pay. They filed an official grievance with the company. The hearing will be in three weeks.
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My friend was injured on the job and filed a grievance that got him time off to recover and some compensation for his injury.
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The grievance of the man had been so bad that he was looking into submitting a formal letter of complaint to the city so that the large branches that broke his roof would be cut down.
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