guerilla marketing

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Tactics available to every small firm to compete with bigger firms by carving out narrow but profitable niches. These tactics include (1) extreme specialization, (2) aiming every effort at favorably impressing the customers, (3) providing service that goes beyond the customers' expectations, (4) fast response time, (5) quick turnaround of jobs, and (6) working hours that match the customer's requirements. The term 'Guerilla Marketing' is a registered trademark of author Jay Levinson who popularized it through his several 'Guerilla' books.

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If you do not feel that you can keep up with the bigger companies in your area you may need to start trying guerilla marketing.
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The guerilla marketing technique employed by the marketing firm was brilliant and effective in accomplishing their lofty goals for the future.
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We were a very small business, so my dad told me would try our hand at some guerilla marketing strategies to compete.
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