guide word

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One or more words printed on the top of the page of a reference work to guide the reader in locating the word he or she is looking for. In some arrangements (as in pocket book dictionaries) the left-hand page repeats the first word on that page, and the right-hand page repeats the last word on that page. In other arrangements (such as large dictionaries with fine print) each page repeats the first and the last word(s) on that page. Also called catch word.

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I'm always thankful for the guide words at the top of dictionary pages, especially when the dictionary is in a foreign language; it makes navigation so much easier!
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You should try to put in a guide word so that it is easier for your readers to follow through as they go.
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I looked at the top of the page to find the guide word because I felt a little lost in what I was reading.
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