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Skilled computer programmer who breaks (hacks) a password code, or otherwise gains remote access to a protected computer system, mainly for the thrill of it. Unlike a 'cracker,' a hacker may or may not also perform a criminal action such as alteration or stealing of data, or transfer of funds.

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Are the Best Hackers Really Necessary?
"Before Google, companies in Silicon Valley already knew it was important to have the best hackers. So they claimed, at least. But Google pushed this idea further than anyone had before. Their hypothesis seems to have been that, in the initial stages at least, all you need is good hackers: if you hire all the smartest people and put them to work on a problem where their success can be measured, you win. All the other stuff-which includes all the stuff that business schools think business consists of-you can figure out along the way. The results won't be perfect, but they'll be optimal. If this was their hypothesis, it's now been verified experimentally."
- Paul Graham

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