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1. Resistance of a material to deformation, indentation, or penetration by means such as abrasion, drilling, impact, scratching, and/or wear, measured by hardness tests such as Brinell, Knoop, Rockwell, or Vickers. Since there is no standard hardness scale, each test expresses its results in its unique (and arbitrarily defined) measure. For some metals (such as steel) the hardness and tensile strength are empirically related. Hardness of pliable materials such as plastics and rubbers is measured by instruments such as durometer. See also Mohs' hardness scale.
2. Measure of the quantity of dissolved minerals in water.
See hard water for details.

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The hardness of the material was not matched so that is why the scientist decided to use it in the formula.
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You need to know what the hardness of everything in your factory is to know which areas can handle different compounds.
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As evidenced by the tiny pock marks on the steel bar, the hardness of the material left a lot to be desired, and it would have to be changed, in order to be used for the bridge construction.
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