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1. Trading: (1) A manufactured item. (2) Fasteners and fittings used in construction industry.
2. Computing: Physical equipment that makes up a computer system, such as circuit boards, keyboard and mouse, monitor, printer, power supply, storage devices. Contrasts with software.

Use 'hardware' in a Sentence

One of the most used, but least considered, necessities in a kitchen remodeling is the cabinet hardware such as hinges and pulls.
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We installed a new storm door by ourselves but we had to buy hardware, i.e. hinges and door handle, since they were not included.
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Before we can use the new wing of our renovated headquarters, we will need to purchase the proper hardware from our supplier to be installed on the doors and windows.
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World-Class Hardware/Software Company
"No one will deny that Sony is a world-class hardware company, and no one would deny that Microsoft is a world-class software company. Nintendo aspires to be neither one of those things. (Peter Main was a Nintendo marketing executive. This was stated in the San Francisco Chronicle)"
- Peter Main

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