heat island effect

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Higher-temperature 'dome' created over an urban or industrial area by hot air layers forming at building top or chimney top level. This dome is about 5°C to 7°C (about 40°F to 45°F) warmer than air above it and the ground level temperature, and can trap all polluting emissions within its confines. Most noticeable at night and early morning periods, it normally disperses by midday when the ambient temperature increases. See also temperature inversion.

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You should understand how the heat island effect works and try to make sure it doesn't hurt anything in your warehouse.
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I learned about the heat island effect and I hoped that it would not happen to my hometown, because I liked it there.
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One of the things that the company's board had to consider, in light of their new "green" policies, was the heat island effect, and how their factories could work to minimize their contribution to this sort of damaging, environmental pollution.
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