heavy industry


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1.Automobile, mining, petroleum, and steel industries which require very large capital investment in weighty machinery and huge plants.
2.A section of an economy's secondary industry characterized by capital-intensive and less labor-intensive operations. One way of characterizing heavy industry is that one unit of currency will buy more heavy industry-produced products than it would buy light industry-produced products (for example, more steel can be purchased for $1 than pharmaceuticals). Products made by an economy's heavy industry tend are less likely to be targeted toward end consumers. Steel manufacturing and chemical manufacturing are two types of heavy industries.
See also light industry.

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  • The American economy has turned away from heavy industry in the past several years, but government actions such as the GM bailout seek to promote the continuance of such industry.

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  • You need to know how to deal with companies in the heavy industry and do your best to work with them.

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  • They were a heavy industry and I was a bit intimidated to work for them in the near future and I told my dad about how I felt.

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