Trial-and-error procedure for solving problems (or reaching an unclear goal) through incremental exploration, and by employing a known criteria to unknown factors. For example, trying to climb a fog shrouded hill by making every step an upward-step. In journalism, a well known heuristic is asking Who? What? When? Where? Why? in investigating a news story. A heuristic employs independent discovery, and relies heavily on common sense, creativity, and learning from experience. Unlike an algorithm, however, it offers no guaranty of solving any problem.
From Greek 'heuriskein,' to discover. See also lateral thinking.

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  • Sometimes using heuristics can let you know what the real problem was and fix it faster than trying another method,

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  • Often times I may simply use heuristics to approximate our current position to get a feel for and understand the situation.

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  • If you are having a problem and can't come up with a solution just keep trying heuristics until something works out.

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