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Step-column chart that displays a summary of the variations in (frequency distribution of) quantities (called Classes) that fall within certain lower and upper limits in a set of data. Classes are measured on the horizontal ('X') axis, and the number of times they occur (or the percentages of their occurrences) are measured on the vertical ('Y') axis. To construct a histogram, rectangles or blocks are drawn on the x-axis (without any spaces between them) whose areas are proportional to the classes they represent. Histograms (and histographs) are used commonly where the subject item is discrete (such as the number of students in a school) instead of being continuous (such as the variations in their heights).
A histogram is usually preferred over a histograph where the number of classes is less than eight. Also called frequency diagram.

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Different types of experiments may require various kinds of visual representations, such as histograms, pie charts and bar graphs, to properly and unambiguously convey the results.
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Most biology courses use histograms because of probabilities incurring in nature and our human need to have measurable science.
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An important part in a photographers business life is using a histogram because it can improve his photos for the customer by ensuring the lighting is perfect.
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