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1. Air travel: Strategically located airport or city where a carrier's major facilities and operations are housed, and where most of its scheduled flights originate from or terminate at.
2. Computer networking: Electronic device that works as a central connecting point for multiple computers in a network. Types of hubs include (1) Passive hubs which only split the transmission signal so that more computers can be added to the network, (2) Active hubs (also called Multiport Repeaters) regenerate data bits to maintain a strong signal over extended cable lengths, and (3) Intelligent hubs (also called Concentrators) usually have their own microprocessor chips and network operating systems.
Their CPUs enable them to act in bridging (see Bridge), routing (see Router), and switching (see Switch) modes to interconnect different types of networks such as ATM, Ethernet, and Token Ring. Hubs may act also as a file server, and perform other functions such as LAN emulation.

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I went into the computer electronics store to buy a USB HUB for my computer. I was constantly using up all of my USB ports on my laptop.
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The living room was considered to be the hub of the house because everyone spent all their time in there playing video games.
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When shipping stuff across the country it will usually go through a strategically placed hub that is convenient to all areas.
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