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A portable electronic device, developed and manufactured by Apple, Inc. to allow users to upload and play their music using the device. Users are able to take their music (typically in the initial form of compact discs) and upload it to their personal computers using a program called iTunes. The music files are converted by the program so that they can be played on the device. iPods also include other features including calendars, games, alarm clocks, and software to display digital photos. iPods come in a number of colors and memory sizes.

Use 'iPod' in a Sentence

Although iPods aren't as popular as they used to be, I still find mine to be useful. People often drain their battery playing music on their phones.
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Billy listened to many songs, browsed the internet, viewed saved pictures, played games. watched movies and TV shows on his iPod.
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The kids made sure their iPods were charged so they could listen to music on the long family road trip in the morning.
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