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1. Deed or mortgage document signed (executed) by two parties (such as a seller and a buyer) as opposed to a deed poll which is executed generally by only one party. Its name comes from the old practice in which such instruments (in contrast to deed poll) used to have jagged edges because they (together with their copies) were torn to match them later for authentication. See also bond indenture.
2. Legal document published by the issuer of a security giving details of the terms of the issue and key features of its legal structure. See also bond indenture.

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You must always fully read through the indenture so that you know and agree with everything that it has to say.
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The indenture would require two parties present, otherwise it would bot work and the document would be void and useless.
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The indenture was analyzed by our investment team critically and their findings were presented to the board during the meeting.
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