industrial goods

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Machinery, manufacturing plants, materials, and other goods or component parts for use or consumption by other industries or firms. Demand for industrial goods is usually based on the demand for consumer goods they help produce (called derived demand). They are classified as (1) Production goods, that enter the production of a final product, such as the raw materials and component parts, or (2) Support goods, that assist in the production process, such as fixed equipment and machinery, instruments, jigs, tools, etc.

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The industrial goods were transported in a special shipping container as there were environmentally sensitive goods being moved across the country.
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I didn't like buying industrial goods because I did not like to support industry and did not like what they offered.
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There are all kinds of industrial goods used by Burger King to make a hamburger, here is a list of just a few, buns, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, ketchup, mustard and we can't forget the beef patty!
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