industrial revolution

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Unprecedented technological and economic development that began during 1830s in UK and spread in varying degrees to the rest of Europe, US, and Japan. It replaced the animal and human power by mechanical power and transformed agriculture based economies to manufacturing based ones. It seeds lie in the invention (by Thomas Newman of UK in 1712) and development (by James Watt of UK in 1769) of steam engine which was first applied to mining and textile making operations. Industrial revolution shifted the balance of power from the landowning class to the entrepreneurial class, ended the domestic system of production, and created an urban working class.
It is said to have ended by the middle of 20th century with the start of second industrial revolution based on communication and information technologies.

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The industrial revolution had far-reaching consequences which persist even to this day and have completely changed the work world and the nature of the labor force.
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The high school students became more interested in learning about the industrial revolution when the teacher explained it in relationship to the more recent and relatable digital revolution they had all lived through.
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The Industrial Revolution was a period of time when the use of people for manual labor was replaced with machines, which greatly increase the rate of a products production
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