Information commercial. Feature-program length (usually 15 to 30 minutes duration) commercial presented more as a talk show than a promotion. Aired normally at fringe times (late night to early morning), infomercials aim at building awareness of a product or service by demonstrating its use and benefits. Typically, they include an attractive direct response offer (with toll-free numbers) designed to elicit on-the-spot orders. Its print equivalent is advertorial.

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  • The infomercial was creating an audience of informed consumers making rational decisions which would prove profitable for our excellent product's sales.

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  • Companies nowadays use informercials to advertise exerything from CDs to skin care products; some late nights it seems like the only thing you can find to watch on TV is an infomercial.

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  • I was not a big fan of the infomercial and decided to go in the other room and have a snack instead.

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