Court order forbidding something from being done (prohibitory injunction), or commanding something to be done (mandatory injunction). Injunctions are issued where mere award of damages at the end of a trial would not be satisfactory or effective, or may lead to a greater harm or injustice. Other types of injunctions are (1) Interlocutory (Preliminary): granted provisionally before a trial to maintain the status quo until the court hears both sides before granting a permanent injunction. (2) Permanent (Perpetual): granted after the hearing of a trial.
(3) Ex parte, granted after hearing only one party (in case of a great urgency). (4) Interim: granted to restrain the accused until a certain date. (5) Quia timet: granted to prevent a threatened wrong or injury. All injunctions are granted at the discretion of the court and their violations are punished by means of contempt of court proceedings.

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  • The company was served a state injunction which forced them to stop dumping waste from their factories into the river.

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  • The court issued an injunction which forced all of the remaining medicinal marijuana stores to shut down their businesses for good.

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  • The townspeople requested an injunction to stop the chemical company from dumping waste in their river after their drinking water was found to contain several dangerous compounds.

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