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In the diffusion of innovation theory, the group which is the first to try new ideas, processes, goods and services. Although least numerous (typically 2 percent of the population) the members of this most venturesome group are urbane, have money (to take risks) and higher education, are attracted to change and new experiences, and use multiple information sources for making a purchase decision. Innovators are followed by early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards, in that order.

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The innovators of the drive-in restaurant that automobiles were becoming an important part of American society and that they needed to design a type of restaurant that catered to automobile travelers.
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The innovators were the first to use the new strategy and we allowed them take on the risk and then we piggy backed with them later.
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We have a system of technicians and designers in-house, but work outside the company with innovators to work on some of our ideas.
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