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1. Estimation of an unknown quantity between two known quantities (historical data), or drawing conclusions about missing information from the available information. Interpolation is useful where the data surrounding the missing data is available and its trend, seasonality, and longer-term cycles are known. Time series analysis and regression analysis are the two statistical techniques employing the concept of interpolation. See also extrapolation.
2. Insertion of words into a document purportedly to clarify its contents but often to change their meaning.

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Sometimes you don't have all the facts for a given situation so you will have to use interpolation to make your best judgement.
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You can't always make an exact prediction of how something may go so you will have to use interpolation to get as close as you can.
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When gathering a complete set of data is impossible, scientists often discern the patterns and trends in the data that they do have, and then use interpolation to construct new data points that fit those patterns and trends.
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