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Internal or private network of an organization based on internet technology (such as hypertext and TCP/IP protocols) and accessed over the internet. An intranet is meant for the exclusive use of the organization and its associates (customers, employees, members, suppliers, etc.) and is protected from unauthorized access with security systems such as firewalls. Intranets provide services such as email, data storage, and search and retrieval functions, and are employed in disseminating policy manuals and internal directories for the employees, price and product information for the customers, and requirements and specifications for the suppliers.
Some intranets are confined to a building whereas others span continents.

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Lots of businesses use a network technology in the form of intranet. It is a must have for most major corporations to use intranet to protect data from unauthorized users.
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Employees were continually reporting serious problems with the company's intranet so the computer technicians conducted a thorough investigation of the entire network.
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I work for a large healthcare system and I use its intranet to complete online learning assignments and check my email.
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