Unconscious thought process that produces rapid, uninferred knowledge or solution. Though it is not analytic in the sense that it does not deliberately look for cause-and-effect (causal) relationships, intuition is not mere guesswork. Instead, it draws on previously acquired experiences and information and directly apprehends a totality. Intuition can be visionary or delusionary, uncannily correct or horrendously wrong in its conclusions.

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  • It was the worker's intuition that something was wrong with the machine even though all of the safety gauges appeared to be fine.

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  • Deciding which route to take home from work, instead of finding out the traffic reports, the driver had an intuition that traffic would be backed up on one route, so the other router was chosen.

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  • Her intuition told her that it was probably a bad idea to accept a drink from the creepy guy giving them out to everyone.

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