joint venture (JV)

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New firm formed to achieve specific objectives of a partnership like temporary arrangement between two or more firms. JVs are advantageous as a risk reducing mechanism in new-market penetration, and in pooling of resource for large projects. They, however, present unique problems in equity ownership, operational control, and distribution of profits (or losses). Research indicates that two out of five JV arrangements last less than four years, and are dissolved in acrimony. See also strategic alliance.

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If you want to limit your risk on a project you can try to take out a joint venture so that you aren't the only one liable.
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Me and my business partner would go on a joint venture, so our fates would follow each other and we would rely on each other.
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We can both go on this joint venture. I always wanted to climb to the top of the mountain, I might as well do it with a friend
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