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Grouping of large Japanese financial and industrial corporations through historical associations and cross-shareholdings. In a keiretsu each firm maintains its operational independence while retaining very close commercial relationships with other firms in the group. Horizontal keiretsus (such as Mitubishi Corp. and Sumitomo Corp.) involve firms in different industries whereas vertical keiretsus (such as Toyota Corp. and Sony Corp.) involve firms upstream and downstream of a manufacturing process. Keiretsu is Japanese for a headless combine and used to be written as zaibatsu.

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I was amazed once I heard about the keiretsu and how it operated, which made me really interested to know more.
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It is crucial to the foundation of our current keiretsu setup that we continue to have an open door policy for all of our brother and sister firms.
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If you are doing business with companies in Japan you need to try and familiarize yourself with how the keiretsu works.
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