know how

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Expert skill, information, or body of knowledge that (1) imparts an ability to cause a desired result, (2) is not readily available, and is (3) outside the public domain. Know how may include tangible material (such as blueprints, formulas, instructions, patterns, specifications, and trade-secrets) or intangibles (such as manufacturing practices, marketing concepts, quality control, and testing techniques) which are not common knowledge. In technology transfer agreements, know how is the most valuable factor and may have an indefinite enforceable life. In legal terms, it may be defined as "any industrial information and technique likely to assist in the manufacture or processing of goods or materials." In the recent years, know how has come to be recognized as a factor of production in its own right, distinct from labor.

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When interviewing the candidates we were looking for someone that really had the know how. We needed to bring in someone who could start right away and be an expert in the field.
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You should always have the know how to handle any job at your workplace so you can fill in if need be.
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Our employees that have been with the company for over ten years have know how that cannot be taught in school.
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