labor laws

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Body of rulings pertaining to working people and their organizations, including trade unions and employee unions, enforced by government agencies. There are two categories of labor laws; collective and individual. Collective labor law involves relationships between the union, the employer and the employee. Individual labor law involves concerns for employees' rights in the workplace. Labor laws first became standard during the Industrial Revolution. Also called employment law.

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The human resource department is responsible for assuring that labor laws governing an employer's hiring and workforce practices are adhered to at both the Federal and State levels.
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To be the best intermediary possible between corporate higher-ups and his union, a good union leader should be completely conversant in the labor laws of his region, constantly updating his understanding of any pertinent changes as they occur.
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When judging which companies would be a best fit, you should not only consider companies compliance with labor laws, but a company being willing to consistently go above and beyond those laws.
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