laissez-faire leadership

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A non-authoritarian leadership style. Laissez faire leaders try to give the least possible guidance to subordinates, and try to achieve control through less obvious means. They believe that people excel when they are left alone to respond to their responsibilities and obligations in their own ways.

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I struggled early in my career because I had a boss who practiced a laissez-faire leadership style, which meant minimal and brief contact throughout the work day.
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If you are working under someone that has a LAISSEZ-FAIRE LEADERSHIP style you may be able to get away with some things.
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You can't always be uptight and breathing down the necks of the people working for you. Sometimes you have to take a step back and let the people do what they know to be right. Let them do their jobs, laissez-faire leadership can work if you have smart people behind you
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Beware of a Laissez-Faire Management Style
"If there's anything that will prevent a company from optimizing its bottom line, it is a laissez-faire management style. In other words: a propensity among company managers to avoid too much interference in employee behavior."
- Unknown

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