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Master plan or blueprint of a printed or published work (such as an advertisement, book, magazine, newspaper, or website) that lays out the arrangement of its different graphic elements (such as body copy, colors, headlines, illustrations, scale). It establishes the overall appearance, relative importance, and relationships between the graphic elements to achieve a smooth flow of information (message) and eye movement for maximum effectiveness or impact. Often alternative layouts (called roughs) are prepared to explore different arrangements before the final layout is made for printing or production.
See also page layout program.

Use 'layout' in a Sentence

The layout of the marketing design for the new website was quite visually and aesthetically pleasing to the eye so the manager loved it.
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Having a good layout for your business plan will make it easier for everyone to understand it and accomplish their tasks.
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I don't like the layout of this website because it is too hard to find what I'm looking for and it has too many bright colors.
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