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Revocable written (formal) or implied agreement by an authority or proprietor (the licensor) not to assert his or her right (for a specific period and under specified conditions) to prevent another party (the licensor) from engaging in certain activity that is normally forbidden (such as selling liquor or making copies of a copyrighted work). Intellectual property licenses generally mean that the licensor will not invoke ownership protection laws if the licensed property (art, design, patent, etc.) is copied, sold, or used by the licensee. A license is not a right, because the licensor may not have the legal power to give all necessary permissions that constitute a legal right.
It is also not a lease, and is not assignable by the licensee. Also called permit.

Use 'license' in a Sentence

Some jobs require a license that states you are qualified and liable to do the job as regulated by the state.
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Before I could hit the road and drive my car, I had to get a license which would require me to take a long test.
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Due to local laws, the vendor had to be granted a license which allowed it to sell its product in that territory.
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