line graph

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Graphical device that displays quantitative information or illustrates relationships between two changing quantities (variables) with a line or curve that connects a series of successive data points. A grouped line graph compares a trend with on or more other trends, and shows if its rate of change is increasing, decreasing, fluctuating, or remaining constant. Line graphs are the most versatile and most extensively used family of graphs. Also called line chart.

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On my website, my earnings are shown to me in a line graph, so I can track how much I have earned each day compared to the last.
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This line graph will show us our projected sales for this month and help us improves on our sales in the future.
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I'd like to see how many tickets we closed this week compared to the three previous weeks; it'd be good to see this information in a line graph so that it's clear how this has fluctuated from week to week.
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