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1. Acceptance of a qualifying security for trading over a stock exchange.
2. Certification of an appliance, equipment, or supplies by an independent standards or testing organization (such as Underwriters' Laboratory, called listing agency) as complying with specific safety and/or other requirements.
3. Written contract between a property owner (the principal) and a real estate broker (the agent) authorizing him or her to perform specified services for the principal within a specified period.
4. Record of a property for lease or sale by an authorized real estate broker.
5. Alternative term for listed property.

Use 'listing' in a Sentence

You should try and know every listing for any major thing you need so that if the price drops you can buy it then.
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You should try to know what the listing price is for anything that you are entering into a negotiation for.
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I wanted to see the movie listing for that day, so I could see if there would be a showing me and my friend cold go to.
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