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1. General: Unrecoverable and usually unanticipated and non-recurring removal of, or decrease in, an asset or resource.
2. Accounting: (1) cost that produces no benefit, (2) decrease in value, (3) excess of expenditure over income, (4) excess of cost over the net proceeds from a transaction.
3. Insurance: (1) reduction in the value of an insured property due to an insured peril, (2) amount sought in an insurance claim, or (3) amount paid under an insurance contract.

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I decided to generate the profit and loss statement for our company to straightforwardly and directly express the financial health of our company to the boss.
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The man struggled at air hockey and suffered a loss every game he played because he lacked a technique and the ability to hit the puck hard.
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Following a series of unfortunate events -- including an earthquake, stock market scandal, high profile embezzlement and widespread product recall -- the company suffered a devastating financial loss from which it might never recover.
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