machine language



Programming language that can be directly understood and obeyed by a machine (computer) without conversion (translation). Different for each type of CPU, it is the native binary language (comprised of only two characters: 0 and 1) of the computer and is difficult to be read and understood by humans. Programmers commonly use more English-like languages (called high level languages) such as Basic, C, Java, etc., to write programs which are then translated into machine language (called a low level language) by an assembler, compiler, or interpreter.

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  • I had a hard, long, and stressful time with understanding the concept of machine language during my undergraduate studies in Computer Information Systems at Hunter Community College.

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  • You should understand all of the machine language so that you can work on it properly if you need to make a repair.

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  • We had to create a machine language for it because otherwise it would not understand our orders and not be able to function.

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