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1.General: Semi or fully automated device that magnifies human physical and/or mental capabilities in performing one or more operations.
2.Mechanics: Device that makes mechanical work easier by overcoming a resistance (load) at one end by application of effort (force) at the other end.
3.Systems: Purposefully organized set of components whose interconnections and inner workings are known or apparent. The behavior of a properly functioning machine is entirely predictable: its present state determines its next state, and the same inputs always yield the same outputs.

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  • Instead of sewing these sheets and pillowcases by hand, I can save time and effort by using the machine instead.

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  • Using a machine can really increase the production of your product and make them be higher quality and produced faster.

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  • You had to put the clothes in the washing machine, or they would end up remaining dirty and you won't be able to wear them.

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