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Transport document that serves as a tally-sheet, and gives a detailed summary of all bills of lading (or air waybills) issued by a carrier (or its agent) for a particular voyage of a particular vessel or vehicle. For cargo carrying vessels or vehicles, a manifest lists its consignor, consignee, number, origin, destination, value, and other such information primarily for use by the customs authorities. Where the vessel or vehicle carries passengers, it lists their names, port of embarkation, port of disembarkation, etc., primarily for use by the immigration authorities.

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The customs agents checked the ship's manifest to see what goods were being carried on the ship, where they came from, and how much they were worth.
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Many airline companies utilize a passenger manifest, allowing them to accurately keep track of who should or should not be aboard a flight.
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The captain of the cargo ship double checked the manifest for all the containers on the ship, making sure each was accurate.
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