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1. Controlled or manipulated by a human operator (not automatically, such as by a computer) or powered by human or animal muscle power (not by an inanimate source of power such as an electric motor, gas engine, or sail).
2. Comprehensive and step-by-step guide to a particular topic for both beginners and practitioners that also serves as a reference book. A manual details what is given and what is required, explains how to put the presented information into practice, and instructs how to solve problems as they occur. This term is commonly used interchangeably with handbook.

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Having a good manual for how to use all of your equipment will make things a lot easier for your workers.
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I decided to set my line changes in NHL Face off 98 to manual, so I could be in charge of who was on the ice at all times.
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The transmission in his new car is manual, since he enjoys the experience of driving a stick-shift much more so than an automatic.
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