materials management

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The planning and control of the functions supporting the complete cycle (flow) of materials, and the associated flow of information. These functions include (1) identification, (2) cataloging, (3) standardization, (4) need determination, (5) scheduling, (6) procurement, (7) inspection, (8) quality control, (9) packaging, (10) storage, (11) inventory control, (12) distribution, and (13) disposal. Also called materials planning.

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When ACME Inc increased its materials management budget, they went completely overboard, to the point of installing RFID tags on every crate!
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The materials management plan would have to work, or we would have to come up with something new and I did not think we could do that.
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John just got hired into a Materials Management role. He was responsible for the entire life cycle of materials required to produce all of the companies products.
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