Shareholder (stockholder) of a firm. In corporate legislation, a member is generally defined as (1) the subscriber to a firm's memorandum of association (or articles of incorporation) who is deemed to have agreed to become a member of the firm, and whose name is entered in the firm's register of members when the firm is registered (or incorporated), and (2) every other person who agrees to become a member of the firm and whose name is entered in the firm's register of members. Shareholders who join a firm at its inception are called founder members.

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  • The new member of the team was able to collaborate and contribute based on their own unique skills and talents.

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  • I was a member of a really cool group where members all talked about Diablo all the time an how much fun it was.

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  • You may set up a private members area for your website if you think people may pay a fee to join it.

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