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School of economic thought (also called the Chicago School) which proposes that the quantity of money (the money supply) in an economy is a key determinant (1) of economic activity, (2) in creating or curbing inflation, and (3) in managing economic-cycles. In contrast to Keynesian economics, monetarism maintains that changes in money supply greatly influence aggregate demand. And that, any attempt by a government to increase aggregate-demand (by injecting more money in the economy) will, in the long-term if not earlier, will instead result in higher prices. It is against any attempt to control economy through fiscal-policy, and advocates supply-side economics and cutting government-spending.
Credited for preventing economic-depressions for the last 60 years, its influence on economic policy-makers is attributed largely to the University of Chicago economists, chiefly the Nobel-laureate professor Milton Friedman (1912-2006).

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You may want to break things down from a monetarism perspective so that you can figure out how to maximize your profits.
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The monetarism school of thought was philosophically and analytically understood and its central principles or tenets were expounded upon by the professor.
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You need to make sure you fully understand how monetarism works and try to use it to your fullest advantage.
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