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1. Irrelevant. "I know for a fact that I will need to work late on Thursday, so any further discussion of a social gathering that night would be a moot conversation."
2. Undebatable.  Sometimes implies a degree of controversy where stakeholders are not willing to concede anything. "On the topic of gun control, we knew any further discussion was moot; neither side would give in, so there was no point in continuing the debate."

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In U.S. history, the teacher began to discuss about the moot topic of astrology, however, we shifted back to the Civil War soon after.
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It is a moot point whether or not I like the Florida Keys at this time of year as I do not have any paid time off left and will not be able to travel.
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When six year old Laura objected to going to sleep at 8:00 that evening, she knew it was a moot point since her Mother wasn't going to change her mind.
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