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Private conduct based on strict adherence to a sanctioned or accepted code or dogma of what is right or wrong, particularly as proclaimed in a sacred book, or by a non-secular group or sect. Once practically interchangeable with 'ethical,' this term has acquired quasi-religious connotations and has moved closer to 'righteous' following the recent (second half of the 20th century) schism between private morality and public morality.

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A firm believer in right and wrong, Michael lived by a strict moral code and he knew that he had to return the woman's purse immediately.
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Cheating on your test is one thing but lying to your teacher is worse and neither of those things are moral.
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Although making a profit is essential for any business, companies should strive to avoid crossing moral lines merely for the purpose of improving the bottom line.
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Notable Quotable

Morals and Ethics
"I think 'immoral' is probably the wrong word to use... I prefer the word 'unethical.'"
- Ivan Boesky

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