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1. General: Proposal formally submitted to a meeting for discussion and possible adoption as a resolution.
2. Legal: Oral or written application to a court requesting it to issue an order to force performance of an action in favor of the applicant party (called the mover). Normally, the applicant must serve a notice of motion on the opposing party to forewarn it, but some motions (called 'ex parte') can be brought without such warning.
3. Legislative: Proposal on a specific issue, put for debate and voting under formal parliamentary procedure.

Use 'motion' in a Sentence

The motion for ending world hunger was submitted to Congress from the people of the state due to their concern for lack of food plaguing the world.
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The man's attorney entered a motion asking for a cease-and-desist order to prevent his co-worker from using his ideas for a new business.
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My friend went to jail and his public attorney is currently trying to set a motion for bail, so he can get out of jail and be a free man.
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