natural law

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Idea of perfect law based on equity, fairness, and reason, by which all man-made laws (see positive law) are to be measured and to which they must (as closely as possible) conform. Natural law is derived from the concept that the entire universe is governed by cosmic laws on which human conduct should be based, and which can be deduced through reasoning and the moral sense of what is right or wrong. See also laws of nature.

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The graduation rate of minorities is increasing nationwide. Many are good citizens who depend on the natural law when it comes to education, home ownership, and careers. Many people do not abide by the natural law when they discriminate against people.
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After Steve was quarantined in the hospital, he tried to arguing that it was against natural law to keep him there against his wishes.
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Most religions are interpretations of what natural law is, however this has caused much chaos throughout the world and creates great irony.
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