natural monopoly



Situation where one firm (because of a unique raw material, technology, or other factors) can supply a market's entire demand for a good or service at a price lower than two or more firms can. Such situations occur usually in case of utilities or where a market can support only one producer (because the decreasing returns to scale make the optimum plant size large in relation to the demand) or where long-range average total cost is declining with higher output throughout the range of the possible demand.

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  • Given the strength of their past relationships with important suppliers, MicroTron enjoyed a natural monopoly in the neuro-processor industry that their competitors were helpless against.

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  • He was working with a natural monopoly and was concentrated in one area, rather than many different areas of the firm.

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  • Sometimes a company will have a natural monopoly and they can pretty much set their own price with no competitors.

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