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1. Economics: Good or service (such as food, water, medical attention) whose consumption is essential to human survival, or which is considered indispensable for maintaining a certain minimum standard-of-living.
2. Law: Circumstance that compels a course of action. A legal defense may succeed where a lesser damage or harm was caused out of necessity to prevent a greater damage or harm, and the action taken was reasonable under the circumstances.

Use 'necessity' in a Sentence

It is a necessity for people to be able to breath because without oxygen, people would not be able to sustain life.
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It can often be a necessity to make some changes to your business if things haven't been going as well as planned.
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We identified the purchase as being a necessity as our quality of lives would suffer immensely without the new deal.
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Notable Quotable

What Does Not Make a Good Bargain
"Necessity never made a good bargain."
- Benjamin Franklin

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