net worth

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When the net worth of Sarah's company hit the lowest yet, Sarah decided it was time to make some dramatic changes to the company.
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Although the company's bank account was almost empty it has a large net worth because of all its assets, name recognition, and employees.
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She was more worried about his net worth of the man that his personality, she was a gold digger, she wasn't messing with a broke dude.
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Noble Intentions and Results
"We feel noble intentions should be checked periodically against results. We test the wisdom of retaining earnings by assessing whether retention, over time, delivers shareholders at least $1 of market value for each $1 retained. To date, this test has been met. We will continue to apply it on a five-year rolling basis. As our net worth grows, it is more difficult to use retained earnings wisely. We continue to pass the test, but the challenges of doing so have grown more difficult. If we reach the point that we can't create extra value by retaining earnings, we will pay them out and let our shareholders deploy the funds."
- Warren Buffett